It is well known that professionals are always looking for ways to build knowledge in their field of expertise to be on top of their game.

Navigating resources in the field of counter-radicalization and judicial and police cooperation is not easy and there is a lack of harmonized and shared information coming from reliable sources.

A variety of websites and different sources of information are in fact disseminated throughout the Internet, making it difficult for users to find what they need and keep professionals up to date on the latest news that can make the difference in their job.

For this reason, within the framework of two European initiatives, the PRE-RIGHTS and JPCOOPS projects, this innovative platform has been developed in order to offer a compelling experience that will allow users to grow as professionals and to improve their daily work.

The main aim is to make users life easier by creating a search engine dedicated to their industry by delivering a comprehensive training catalog covering different topics on radicalization, judicial and police cooperation through the e-learning platform HERMES.

This platform is conceived as a one-stop-shop to keep practitioners updated on what is going on in the field of law and security with relevant case studies in the wider European contest and the chance to exchange reliable knowledge.

I want to access

Access our exclusive resources. Training contents, best practices and relevant experts on countering radicalization and judicial and police cooperation are all available inside the platform.

Who is this Toolkit for?

If you are a judge, a lawyer, a prosecutor, you are part of a Law Enforcement Agency or you work in the judicial field, you are in the right place. Search for the training courses in your field, easily find a case law or a publication that will help you: all by using our dedicated search engine collected to a database of selected relevant websites.

How can this toolkit help you?

This toolkit has been designed as a search engine in order to allow you to have a one-stop solution to look for relevant documents that will help you with your daily work. Go to TRAINING and look for courses on radicalization, data protection, digital forensic and more. Insert your keywork and see the results available. The toolkit will search for the training courses available inside the HERMES platform. Click on the result you like and explore on the HERMES platform how to register to the course. If you want to access the search engine to look for case laws and publications from a database of selected websites that will make your search easier, click here to sign up to the toolkit!